Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top Hollywood Actresses By The Decade!

By Anant Mathur (April 22, 2012)

Over the years there have been many brilliant, bold, charismatic, sexy and beautiful actresses to come out of the Hollywood system. This post acknowledges the best from each decade in the last 100 years. Of course some actresses had their careers overlap into the next decade, but I have kept them in the decade they became popular. Please remember that these choices are based on my personal preferences for actresses and should not to be misinterpreted as official results or facts.


Emma Stone

File:Emma Stone by Gage Skidmore.jpg


Angelina Jolie

File:Angelina Jolie Cannes 2011.jpg


Julia Roberts

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Meryl Streep

File:Streep san sebastian 2008 2.jpg


Jane Fonda
Clara Bow

File:Clara Bow 1927.PNG 
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Based On A True Story…

By Anant Mathur (April 15, 2012)

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the RMS TITANIC. Never before or never since has a ship been talked about as much as the TITANIC. As sad as the story of TITANIC is, the one thing this disaster did was open everyone's eyes to what could happen when Mother Nature is involved. When the unsinkable "Ship of Dreams" sinks, things change, and that's exactly what happened. Many new safety feature, rules, and ways of monitoring ice bergs, etc. were introduced because of this disaster. In the long run TITANIC may be the reason countless lives are safe today.

When we think of the TITANIC, we can't help but also think of James Cameron's 1997 epic by the same name. I still remember seeing this film in the cinema hall when it was first released - what an experience it was. TITANIC is one film which is truly meant for the big screen, everyone should experience it on the big screen only then will you realize the grandeur that is TITANIC.

On some occasions you may have noticed that a film carries a tag line which says its "Based on a True Story" or "Based on True Events". James Cameron's TITANIC (1997), for example, falls in this category. 

While a film may be based on a true story or on true events there are certain details which are made up by screenwriters or filmmakers to make it more interesting. In the case of TITANIC, everyone knows there was no Jack Dawson or Rose DeWitt Bukater or Cal Hockley on the actual ship - these fictional characters and others were created to weave an interesting story for the big screen - without them TITANIC would've been a documentary.

In order to make the story authentic, Cameron placed these fictional characters within real situations with actual passengers and crew members who were on the TITANIC, among them were: Captain Edward J. Smith, Thomas Andrews, J. Bruce Ismay, Molly Brown, Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, William Murdoch, Harold Lowe, Henry Wilde, Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, Lady Duff Gordon, Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor, Madeleine Astor, etc. By placing fictional characters among real characters Cameron was able to increase the tension and create drama and romance within very melancholy circumstances.

The advantage for any screenwriter telling the tale of the TITANIC is that most of the story takes place on the ship, so the writer can tell the audience any lie as long as it goes down with the ship (like Cameron did with the Jack and Rose love story). But when a writer is writing a screenplay about a true crime, for example, such liberties might not be possible.

Most true stories are fictionalized to a certain degree otherwise they would come across as dull and boring. What is important when writing such films is that the fiction does not over take the facts - although fictionalization is required in most true stories, it's just as important to stay true to the facts and not be caught up in the fiction.

Below is a list of Films/TV Shows you may be interested in seeing about the TITANIC:
Titanic (1953)
A Night To Remember (1958)
The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)
Time Tunnel - TV Series ("Rendezvous with Yesterday" - Pilot, 1966)
S.O.S. Titanic (1979)
Titanic (TV mini-series, 1996)
Titanic II (2012)
Titanic (TV mini-series, 2012)
Titanic: Blood and Steel (TV Drama, 2012)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winners of the 2011 Golden Kela Award

By Anant Mathur (April 03, 2012)

The Golden Kela Award is a satirical take on Bollywood, where awards are given for the worst performances. The Golden Kela Awards was created by Random Magazine, India’s longest running humor magazine in the year 2009. 

The first annual Golden Kela award ceremony took place on 7 March 2009 in New Delhi (India).

The intention behind the Golden Kela is to ridicule the Hindi film stars and acknowledge the worst of Indian Cinema. Since, several award ceremonies each year celebrate the best of Hindi Cinema, Random Magazine and the Sundaas Film Institute chose to be different by giving away the Best of the Worst of Indian Cinema. The winners are selected each year by an online poll.

Winners of the 4th Annual Golden Kela Awards... Cream of the crap:

Worst Actor
Imran Khan
for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Worst Actress
Deepika Padukone
for Aarakshan

Worst Supporting Actor
Prateik Babbar
for Dum Maaro Dum and Aarakshan

Worst Supporting Actress
Kangana Ranaut
for Kites, No Problem, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Worst Film
(Director: Anubhav Sinha)

Worst Director
Anubhav Sinha
for Ra.One

Worst Debutant Male
Chirag Paswan
for Miley Na Miley Hum

Most Atrocious Lyrics
Amitabh Bhattacharya for Pyar Do Pyar Lo, Jigar Ka Tukda and The Mutton Song

Most Irritating Song
Teri Meri
from Bodyguard

Baawara Ho Gaya Hai Ke
Pankaj Kapoor
for Mausam

Aaja Nach Le
(for Worst Attempt at a Comeback)
Esha Deol
for Tell Me O Kkhuda

Lajja Award
(for the Worst Treatment of a Serious Issue)

Shakti Kapoor Award
(for Misogyny)
Pyar Ka Punchnaama

F.A.L.T.U. Award
(for the Most Aptly Named Film)

The Bas Kijiye Bahaut Ho Gaya Award


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