Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What a hypocrite!!!

By Anant Mathur (June 06, 2007)

I was pretty bugged today. In the morning I was reading the newspaper and came across an article written by Pritish Nandy former journalist and currently the owner of the production house Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC). In his article Nandy wrote about how Mumbai is changing and he doesn’t like the way people are treating used book sellers who sell books on the roadsides of Mumbai.

Mr. Nandy mentioned it’s a part of the Mumbai culture and how Mumbai is loosing its identity because of things like this. Even street food vendors are being asked to get off the streets. All that made sense, but what really got me riled up was that he’s talking about the heritage of Mumbai and how people are forgetting the old way of life which shouldn’t be forgotten, then a few moments later I came across another article which spoke of PNC starting 3 new multiplexes in the next year. I mean talk about hypocrisy the guy is preaching about the old ways and then on the other hand he himself is out to destroy the way we watched films in single screen theatres. Isn’t that a part of the Mumbai culture and aren’t we destroying that by going to Multiplexes. If you're for heritage and culture why not try and save some of these single screen theaters rather than opening up multiplexes.

I for one think Mr. Nandy needs to grow up. If he thinks that we should not forget our culture. Perhaps he should be the one we need to start with. What say Mr. Nandy? How about bringing back single screen with cheap ticket prices where the masses can enjoy films, instead of going with the trend of high price Multiplexes which profit the owners and which are foreign to our culture and our beloved city of Mumbai. What say?

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